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Habitat Jeunes

So much more than a room

Our ambition

Accessible housing solutions, attentive teams and a place for you to stay while you delevop your plans further.

So much more than a room

Who are we ?

Habitat Jeunes Ile-de-France gathers about 30 members and a head team (URHAJ Ile-de-France) who work for young people to access independence. Today, Habitat Jeunes Ile-de-France is made up of 105 residences located in 60+ different cities, that welcome more than 16 000 young people aged 16 to 32 starting their working life every year.

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Our residences, our housing, our project


An accessible place of your own


An attentive team


A place to live

Evaluate your situation

Who can apply ?

How to get started

How to choose a residence ?


Ask yourself the right questions

To target your needs you may ask yourself : Individual or shared accommodation ? Close to job or training place ? Accommodations for a single person, a couple, a disabled person ? Etc.


Prepare your file

You will need to collect certain proofs of entitlement : identity, means, professional situation etc.

To check all the documents requested, read the list provided by the chosen residence carefully.


Find the residence that suits you

The interactive map will help you locate the residence(s) that match you search criteria.


Submit your application to the chosen residence

Each structure decides on its own admittance procedures. You will therefore need to contact each of them separately.

Response times are also variable but are about 2 to 5 weeks on average.

The residences are managed by different structures. There is no centralization of applications: 1 structure = 1 application!
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